Franchise Opportunities

During the early days of this great nation, many innovations were brought about through necessity. Many examples are found in our agricultural sector – a great example being that our sheep and cattle farmers needed a working dog that could endure the heat and long distances, so the imported collie was bred with the native Australian dingo to produce the blue cattle dog that we now know and love today.

You will not find a more loyal, clever and hard working dog anywhere in the world – so it is this image that we have chosen to represent our new and exciting development in print franchising, an image we believe will be endearing to the Australian buying public and the wider business community.

True Blue Printing began as a family owned and operated business. Unlike many of our franchise competitors, we are Australian through and through. We are embarking on an innovative growth strategy and we invite small to medium sized printing companies to join us on this exciting new conceptual endeavor that will allow group members to benefit from the consumer confidence created from being part of a larger group or franchise. Many of the worlds greatest corporations have humble family beginnings, and we have the drive to be one of them.

The True Blue philosophy is based on quality of product, excellence in customer service and reasonable pricing.

With the ever increasing trends within the industry to automate and centralise, the customer is often left to navigate web sites and make their decisions based on complex pricing matrixes without any consultation or advice on how the product is produced or applied. This often results in missed opportunities and lackluster customer satisfaction. That’s where we come in – with a personable approach, experience, wisdom and a friendly smile, we intend to win over the print buying public and create a superior brand experience that is ‘True Blue Printing’.

Our offer to potential licensees is aimed at existing, experienced printers but can also be extended to members of the public seeking business opportunities. Franchise opportunities are available in a variety of models in an unlimited number of territories throughout Australia.

The Offer

The True Blue group is offering licenses for a special introductory fee. That means no royalties for the first three years !

Existing printing company owners that wisely decide to join our expanding group, if they get in early, will have the distinction of being core group franchises’ and enjoy a royalty free period of three years. This offer will not last long however. Once we have achieved a number of stores in each strategic location, the offer will be withdrawn and all subsequent licensee licenses shall be subject to royalty payments.

The Advantage

Group members benefit first and foremost from the True Blue Printing brand. As a True Blue Printery your store will stand out, as recognition for the True Blue Printing brand as a professional, friendly, loyal, aussie print provider grows.

You will attract increased business and new clientele due to the marketing efforts of Head Office (that you never need to pay for!). These include: local press advertising, local flyer maildrops, bill board advertising, bus advertising, web directory advertising and powerful SEO on the True Blue website (that will feed enquiries from your local area directly to you).

True Blue Printing also operates a central production facility which takes care of the more complex larger offset runs and operates as a hub for all group members to utilise. Unlike many other franchise operations, use of the hub is completely optional and the decision to utilise the central hub is encouraged, not enforced, this allows competitive pricing to flow through to the customer. The franchise system places no restrictions on the final sale price to the customer or the buy price from the hub. If the licensee chooses to source other suppliers locally, interstate, or even internationally, they are completely entitled to do so.

This system allows for the best of both worlds: a structured production routine with very competitive pricing, centralised pre-press, combined with systematic yet flexible sending and retrieving of jobs to and from the production facility. The client has peace of mind knowing their main point of contact is just around the corner, while the licensee benefits from streamlined production and great pricing allowing a mutually beneficial business relationship to flourish between licensee and franchisor.

The benefits of our offer really are too good to pass up. Call Michael Suarez, Group Managing Director today on 02 9966 1933 to have a chat about how you might join our growing team.