people power

The power of personnel is not to be underestimated, People are the decision makers in any organisation.

Whether buying or selling, these decisions are what make the difference on a day to day basis.

Deciding to poach a go getter from a large international corporation can be a seemingly easy decision to make.

But being a small business, attracting such an individual is easier said than done.

So when we advertised for a position that opened up recently, we were more than happy to see such an individual apply.

I am please to introduce you to Paul Squire. Paul has spent the past 5 years with fuji Xerox Australia, assigned to oversee facilities at corporate head quarters of  Optus, and Astra Zeneca,

Paul’s background is in design and digital media and has adapted well to the craft of print  while at Fuji Xerox Australia .

I feel Paul will make a valuable contribution to the company, as Paul has highly developed problem solving skills and understands that quality of out put is more important than quantity.

Pauls versatility and ability to go from design room to press room is proving a real benefit to our own efficiencies and our customers seem to be responding well.

As you may already know if you are an existing customer, We pride our selves on the service we provide and the quality of our work, but what many don’t get to witness is the teamwork that brings these 2 factors together.

Any corporation can invest in training and highly developed procedures, but without the right attitude, and synchronicity that comes from a team, customer satisfaction is often the first casualty.

That is why at True Blue Printing  we value our personnel  and allow them the freedom and flexibility to make the decisions that provide the results that you seek.

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